November blog update

Its been a while since i’ve written a blog post myself so i thought i’d take the opportunity to step away from the busy consultancy day-to-day life and let you know what I’ve working on. The decision to open the Mac and start writing was triggered after reading an intriguing Wired article whilst away on annual leave with my family. Perhaps that was the trigger i needed to down tools and reflect on what i’ve been working on and what i’m interested in looking ahead. I’d recommend setting 10 minutes aside and reading the article (November UK edition).

For the past 18 months we’ve been working with a client in Cheshire on a large platform project, it has been a fantastic opportunity of which i’m grateful for. I’ve had the chance to work with some new technology, business verticals i hadn’t worked with before and most importantly some great people.

So looking ahead whats next. Im continuing to work with one of our clients in Crewe on their new platform, the programme of work is continuing to make progress with one of the major releases due for launch soon. As well as this i’m excited to announce that i’ve been working on two other projects, a betting comparison service and a data mining project.

I started work on the betting comparison service back in September and so far progress has been steady. Due to my personal time constraints i decided to engage with a 3rd party development team to assist with the core build. Functional specifications are defined and we are pretty much 80% of the way through now. Its a unique offering and one i hope our users will enjoy. More information on the brand, website and launch dates soon…

Of recent weeks i’ve become more interested in all things data and specifically the trend related data thats available for consumption. I started to play with Google Trends and quickly was amazed on what was available and the number of use cases for this. Within one hour i could mine the latest trending topics, retrieve a count of search terms and could apply context to each item. Very cool. I decided to mine the results to a MySQL database and now i have a CRON job set-up so each hour i have new data.

I’m going to start exploring other data sets in the coming weeks including other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and include an economic perspective with Bloomberg data. The expanded data set will help us and users of the data to create some unique use cases.

Looking a little further ahead as we close in on the end of 2015 my focus will be on completing existing projects and engaging with new/existing clients and understanding their project requirements for 2016.

I hope my update was a useful insight into what we are doing at Yellow Mango and i will share further updates in the next few weeks on the current projects.

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