Using Google Apps for collaborating with our partners and clients

I’ve been using Google Docs for a number of years now and seen the product suite evolve over time to become a genuine replacement for the standard, Microsoft Office. At Yellow Mango we’ve made the (easy) decision to fully migrate to Google Apps. Our email platform and document collaboration is now integrated allowing our team to work even closer with partners and clients.

The days of sending requirement specifications back and forth are no more, you will now be able to work together with our team in real-time allowing updates to be performed instantly and commenting together throughout. We believe this will improve the quality of the documentation generated whilst also keeping our partners up to date.

We will be using Google Hangouts to have regular catch ups with our internal teams but most importantly we can have face to face conversations with our clients from anywhere in the world.
Our team will be hosting monthly Google Hangouts discussing different topics ranging from business analysis best practice, lessons learned working with e-commerce companies through to our UX ideas.

Please contact our team if you’d like to learn more about how our Google Apps implementation went.

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