Social Media – Start the conversation with your customers

When we think of social media the first thing that usually jumps to mind is Facebook, Twitter and posting an update telling our friends what we are doing. But how does social media benefit businesses? How could you use it to engage more with your customers or potential customers?

We see social media as a conversation; its about discussing and sharing ideas, thoughts together. Used correctly social media can have a huge influence on your business whether promoting a new product, sharing a new idea or asking for feedback on a that great new cake you’ve just placed in your cafe – mmmmm cake!

Using social media doesn’t need to be expensive either, creating new content can be done from your smart phone whilst sat on a train  – which is quite often where our tweets coming from en route to Manchester.

Call to action…..! So you’ve enticed your follower to take a look at your post… what now? Think about what you’d like them to do before composing any post, whether its to share your post or like a photo in order to enter a competition. Relevant, concise content is what your follows want to see, we are all subject to various messages throughout the day so make sure your message is remembered.

If you are looking for advice on how best to use your social media platforms please get in touch we’d love to help – Hello Click Me

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