Intel Edison propelling wearables and the internet of things

Well it’s been that time of the year again where all the of technology companies show case and parade their latest innovations at #CES. We had the usual demonstrations promising speed enhancements on existing product lines and some diversification from the likes of Sony with their Playstation Now platform however the real story in opinion was the Intel Edison chip.

Most of us have heard of the Raspberry PI and seen the great products and innovations that has brought us but Intel appears to looking to push the boundaries even further with their latest product. The new Intel Edison chip is effectively a personal computer on an SD Card form factor including build in memory, CPU and operating systems installed on the CPU core. The vision from Intel was very much this was the enabler for ‘wearables’ and the ‘internet of things’ with their demonstration of how a baby grow could effectively be intelligent and provide real-time statistics on the baby to other devices such as a coffee mug which was also connected via the Edison chip.

Its an interesting concept and depending on the price point this could potentially propel the field of wearables and internet of things dramatically during 2014.

Right, well back to CES 2014 to see whats next.

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