E-commerce Checkout UX Prototype


It’s been a while since our team shared any prototypes or UX ideas so we thought that we’d share some of our more recent works.

Shopping e-commerce experiences should be made as clean and simple as possible for end users; not only does it assist increasing conversion rates but it also speaks volumes from a brand perspective. Would you associate a great brand with a ‘clunky’ e-commerce process where its difficult to purchase what you want quickly? No, neither do we.

One way to provide your users with a great experience is to simply the Checkout process, when you think about companies that do it right we tend to think about amazon.com or apple.com. Designing great user experiences (UX) isn’t done by chance or fluke it takes a investments and analysis across the entire process from Analytics, A/B Multi-variate testing through to personalisation.

However, one common factor with all good performing e-commerce sites is their Checkout process. It should be simple, responsive, unambiguous and allows the user to quickly achieve the desired outcome.

We’d like to share one of our UX ideas for a simplified single page checkout (tablet/website). This is something we have been working on with one our existing clients as a prototype.

To ensure the Checkout UX fit with the organisations branding we aimed to keep the design contemporary with minimal use of colours, effective use of white spaces and used terminology consistent with their customer base (18-35). One of our clients core competencies is Customer Services therefore you may notice the inclusion of a ‘Help Me’ button which requests a customer services session.

If you would like any advice on UX or any other e-commerce related matters including Google Analytics then please get in touch and we’d love to help.

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